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May 21, 2005
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Tarot Set: Harry Potter Theme by dementedmonkey Tarot Set: Harry Potter Theme by dementedmonkey
EDIT March 9, 2011

I have decided to post some FAQs about this deviation, considering I keep getting asked the same questions over and over again.

> Why is this *insert character* in this *insert card name* It should be *insert Character* ??

I would like to say, i did not write the descriptions. I was only asked to do this along with a friend of mine. The descriptions was made by a fellow Member of the Harry Potter Group i belonged to.

> Why did you only make the Major Arcana?

Thats the only one that I was asked to do. And I have no intention of making a whole set, I am Not really familiar with the Tarot and from the limited knowledge I have about tarot is that each card has a specific color or things that must be included in each card. I rather not be in the firing range of Tarot aficionados ^^

> Can i have a copy?
Sorry No, This is solely for Pinoy Harry Potter Group


The complete set yay~! to be used for the New World's Event this may 23 and 24 ^^

Im finally done T_T


harry potter (c) JK Rowling
HP tarot card (c) Pinoy Harry Potter
Lineart (c) !blacksakura
Colors, Layout and everything else (c) =dementedmonkey

0 - THE FOOL (Gilderoy Lockhart); To go forth blindly on an unknown path.
Ignorance is Bliss

I - THE MAGUS (Harry with Wand, at Ollivander's); Person with strong
potentials, has skills and talents to accomplish his tasks or goals. Power
is at hand.

II - THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Hermione carrying books); Keeper of wisdom and
knowledge. Has practical or working know-how but needs to be tempered with
tact. Research?

III - THE EMPRESS (Minerva McGonagall); An independent and strong-willed
woman. Stern and matriarchal but can also be nurturing when needed.

IV - THE EMPEROR (Dumbledore in his office); With great power comes great
responsibility. Decisions are not enough, do something!

V - THE HEIROPHANT (Remus Lupin); An elder who has been through a lot.
Experience is the best teacher.

VI - THE LOVERS (James and Lily Potter); a romantic life-bond. True
happiness is at hand. The search is almost over.

VII - THE CHARIOT (Ron Weasley on a Knight on giant Wizard's Chess); Hard
work pays off. Success!

VIII - STRENGTH (Godric's sword); Grace under pressure, inner resolve and
fortitude. Rise to the challenge.

IX - THE HERMIT (The Sorting Hat); Knowledge through seclusion and
meditation. Time for quiet reflection.

X. WHEEL OF FORTUNE (The Moving Staircases); Fate has the upper hand. Either
go with the flow, or challenge Fate. Do what you must.

XI - JUSTICE (Harry vs. Draco, Wizard's Duel); Balance needs to be achieved.
Must compromise for Yin and Yang.

XII - THE HANGED MAN (Sirius Black in Tower Cell); Indecision and
self-sacrifice. Sort priorities and have faith.

XIII - DEATH (Time-Turner); Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.

XIV - TEMPERANCE (Madam Pomfrey); Exercise moderation and caution. Patience
is a virtue.

XV - THE DEVIL (Professor Quirrel and Lord Voldemort); Don't even think
about it. Do not give in to the Dark side. Give up and you lose.

XVI - THE TOWER (Lucius Malfoy); A sense of impending DoomTM. Pride goes
before the fall.

XVII - THE STAR (Quidditch Harry chasing after Snitch); Wishes do come true.
Dream, believe, surviveTM.

XVIII - THE MOON (Scabbers and Peter Pettigrew); False hopes,
misconceptions, deception. There's more then what meets the eye.

XIX - THE SUN (House Cup); The rain is gone, no dark clouds on your horizon.
Your path is clear. Happiness!

XX - JUDGEMENT (Fawkes in flight); After death comes rebirth. Rise from the
ashes or despair, for you are given a second chance.

XXI - THE WORLD (Hogwarts Castle); You see the big picture. You're at the
center of the universe. Fulfillment and synergy.
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Ask-Cranz-Bitch Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Kimmimaru-kun Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This a wonderful version of the Tarot! (Beat my own hands down!) My fave is probably The hanged man: Sirius Black! It's really good!
XantiagoBlu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Student
MelonCupcake Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice idea and I really like the motives^^
But you haven't quite figured out how to make characters un-cute yet:D
Peter Pettigrew being the most obvious. McGonagall and Dumbledore don't look old enough either.
But otherwise good work :thumbsup:
Disneylyric Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Peter has a womanly face. Very pretty.
KoiDragon23 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
These are so awesome I wish they made them like this for real.
aliceyuky Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
I agree.
forestimp45 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Student General Artist
This is really cool! A few of the cards aren't the choices I'd have made, but that's part of why I like it! Good job.
Echelon1793 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very Interesting. I'd love to buy me a set of HP tarot. :)
InsanelyCute Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
aaargh! forgot to say: yeah, there are characters like the dementors who didn't make it - but the great arcana consists of only a limited number of cards. hp has enough for 42 cards. like fenrir greyback - easy thing. but - what could the pensive stand for? the mirror of erised? questions without end... now, good night every one! :-)
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